De Menken Keuken: 40 years of taste & quality

De Menken Keuken is expanding, blossoming and brimming with vibrancy! Thanks to strong development across the breadth of the range, our bread and toast salads, sauces and meats are increasingly making inroads across national borders in recent years. We are also experiencing impressive growth in the Dutch market. De Menken Keuken is a family-run business that is now managed by the second Menken generation. A young team with a healthy sense of ambition and entrepreneurship. We aspire to being a first-tier supplier in the private label market with our superior products prepared by 300 employees at our production facility in Sassenheim. The core values of our organisation are innovation, teamwork, open communication and flexibility. These core values help us achieve our goal: “to produce quality products that distinguish us in the market”.


De Menken Keuken is a family business now run by the second generation of Menkens. We have been supplying food products to virtually all large retail and hotel, restaurant and catering businesses in the Netherlands for four decades. Our wide range of salads, sauces and meat products is produced primarily for private labels and in close collaboration with our clients.


In addition to the consistently rigorous quality criteria that traditional De Menken Keuken applies to its refrigerated products, the company’s innovativeness and flexibility play an important role in its success. Offering optimal value for money, we aspire to being a first-tier supplier to the private label market, with cost leadership and innovation leadership being the deciding factors. The result: delicious, tasty products that distinguish us in the market.

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